Our Story

Myra and Nicole met at the Nillumbik Women’s Leadership and Connections Program in May 2021. They both had a vision of connecting and empowering carers in the local community, as they know firsthand that carers can often find themselves socially isolated, overworked and overwhelmed with the day-to-day life, disability and mental health systems and the emotional toll that can significantly impact quality of life.

Both of them are lifelong learners of improving mind, body and spirit, having both overcome their own health adversities of auto-immunity, gut dysbiosis, fatigue and declining mental health.  

They are passionate about creating a community of local carers to come together to connect, share and build resilience by focusing on improving the health and wellbeing together as a collective.  Hence, the Carers Collective was born.  

Along the way they met Sandra, who is equally as passionate as connecting and empowering carers and is now a Carer Champion of those caring for a loved one with an age-related condition.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a Carer Champion and part of the team behind-the-scenes.